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  • Impact Summit Day 1

    Thursday, September 29

  • Impact Summit Day 2

    Friday, September 30

  • Impact Summit Day 3

    Saturday, October 1

  • Impact Summit Day 4

    Sunday, October 2

  • COL Update; Finance: Dues Update; Impact of Economy and Investments; Strategic Plan Update

  • Regionalization/Pilot; Updates from BOD; Update on RI & Ukraine; Q&A with Senior Leaders

  • Parade of Flags, United States; Welcome from RID Jeremy Hurst, Host; District 7620 DG Sean McAlister, and Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott; Meet Your DGE’s; RIPN Stephanie Urchick; PRIP Barry Rassin: Imagine the Impossible - You Can Make it Possible

  • Welcome Governor Larry Hogan; Zebu Jilani, Founder, Chair & President of the Swat Relief Initiative; Tonya Hatosy-Stier, Woman to Woman Mentoring; Dan Quinn: “Study Steps”

  • RI General Secretary John Hewko; Michael Nyenhuis, Pres. & CEO UNICEF; Ryan Rowe, Exec Director, HANWASH Patricia Bao, Senior Officer, UN Global Fund

  • The Baltimore Hons; Jeffrey Kluger, Author and Editor at Large, Time Magazine; TRF Trustee Aziz Memon: Polio - We Are Close!

  • Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe, CEO, Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Campaign Centre; Giselle Holder, Rotaract-arian; RID Jeremy Hurst & Hannah Shin, RI Interact Advisory Council

  • Rotary International President Jennifer Jones

  • RI President Jennifer Jones; RI Gen Secretary John Hewko; Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe, Michael Nyenhuis; Jeffrey Kluger; Zebu Jilani

  • Morning Inspiration: Dr. Orlando Allen Wilson; A Celebration of Lives Well Lived, PDG Tom Wagner; End Polio Now! PRID Robert Hall; Making a Difference in the Ukraine, DGE John Tabor, IPP James Joeriman, RC of Lviv; The State of Rotary RI Gen Secretary John Hewko; On to Melbourne! PDG Patrick Eakes and PDG Gary Gunter; Zone Summit Virtual Breakouts PDG Marcy Ullom; 2023 Zone Summit Promo; Closing Remarks RID Jeremy Hurst